Areas of Interest

What the Trust will & won't support

The Trustees have identified two main areas of interest, as follows:

Projects that demonstrate a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people of all ages.
The adaptation or improvement of Church properties (including new build) with a view to providing improved facilities for use by the church and its work in the community in which it is based.

In considering all other appeals, the Trustees take into account the primary objective of the Trust, which is to advance the Christian faith. After earmarking funds to support this important area of the Trust's work, the Trustees are prepared to consider other unsolicited appeals, although resources remaining to support such appeals are limited.

Unsolicited appeals are selected for consideration by the Trustees that demonstrate, in their view, a Christian approach to the practical, educational and spiritual needs of people.

The Trust does not consider applications from:

Individuals, Overseas projects, Heritage charities, Heritage projects, Almshouses, Arts organisations; Hospices; Village Halls, Schools, School PTA's, School Boards, Schools Governing bodies, 'Friends of' on behalf of PCC's,
social enterprises that have no charitable status; franchise partners; Community Interest Companies; Community Benefit Societies (formerly Industrial & Provident Societies); non-Christian Community Trusts; or from registered charities for the benefit of named individuals.

The Trust does not consider applications for:

Roof projects, insulation projects, solar energy projects, lighting conductors, heating systems, replacement boilers, replacing windows with new frames or the repairing of existing window frames or repairing of existing glass.

Delayed church maintenance: for example repairs to the fabric; repairs to or new stonework; maintenance of graveyards; pathways projects (repairs or new); churchyard projects and other items which have been highlighted in Quinquennial reports and inspections; drainage projects, any element of car-park projects.

Purchase of or restoration of stain glass or church bells (including bellframes); restoration projects; provision of loans; to repay outstanding loans; church organ projects: repair/purchase/renewal; for completed capital projects; for educational scholarships or bursaries, emergency grants.

Sabbaticals; choral training or choral performances; for research projects; to fund gap years; to fund intern placements; IT projects; online / platform based / e-based mission (internet / www); development of Apps; radio or TV stations; art work, paintings or sculptures; to publish books; to provide musical instruments; touring opera or music companies; to provide or renew lighting; to provide or renew PA / loop systems / audio equipment; av streaming equipment.

If you applying on behalf of a Methodist Church please click here for additional details

Important question to ask: have I carefully checked the list above of what is not considered? No.....then please check again!

Important question to ask: am I applying for a registered charity; an excepted charity; or a exempted charity? If the answer is no, do not apply.

Applications must be sent in hard copy and NOT by email.

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