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Joseph Rank aged 80
Joseph Rank aged 80

This page was last updated 27th January 2017

In 2011 the Trust commissioned Theos to carry out research in the area of the Criminal Justice System. The research project is now finished and the title of the published report is:

Collaboration or Competition? Cooperation or Contestability?
Best practice among voluntary sector agencies in the Criminal Justice System

The report is available for download (pdf) and can be reached at:

We hope you enjoy reading the report and find it useful in your area of work.

Funding for your Church or Community building
On 1 April 2010 the government Feed-in-Tariffs (FITs) scheme, a financial support mechanism to increase the uptake of small-scale renewable energy generation (less than 5 megawatts) came into effect.  The introduction of FITs is intended to help deliver the UK’s target of sourcing 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020, up from less than 2% today. 

The FIT scheme is intended to encourage take-up of small scale, low carbon electricity generation by householders, organisations, churches and communities which have not traditionally engaged in the electricity market.

The FIT consists of two payments available to those with qualifying technology:

  • A generation tariff – paid for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated and metered, with a tariff that differs depending on the type and scale of the technology.  This tariff will be paid whether or not the electricity is used onsite.

  • An export tariff – paid for every kWh of electricity that is exported to the grid.

In addition, those with small scale renewable energy generation technology will save on the cost of electricity which would otherwise have to be bought from the grid. 

Tariffs are index linked, have been set to deliver an approximate return of 5-8% for well sited installations and will run for 20 years (25 years for solar photovoltaic (PV)). 

A ‘community scale’ tariff band has been introduced for wind and hydro projects to provide additional support for this scale of project, in recognition of the key importance of stimulating community level energy projects. 

The FIT scheme is a welcome support mechanism for small scale renewable energy generation.  The financial incentive and certainty provided by FITs is expected to build the case for renewable energy being a financially sound investment, encouraging many more to invest in this technology.

For more information and for details of the scheme there are two excellent websites: the Energy Saving Trust's website click here and the Green Electrician's website click here.

3rd January 2012

The Rev. Dr. John Tudor (1930 - 2009)

The Rev. Dr. R. John Tudor, son of the manse, Methodist minister for over 50 years, father and grandfather was remembered today at his Thanksgiving Service held at Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Brighton.  Beloved husband of Cynthia, father of Peter and Helen, grandfather of Henry and George and brother of Mary, John died on 29th October after a short illness, aged 79 years.

John was born in Northampton on 8th February 1930 and educated at Clee Grammar School for Boys in Cleethorpes and later at Manchester University.  After serving his country in the Royal Air Force, John followed in the footsteps of his father, the Rev C Leonard Tudor, and began his ministry in the Methodist Church. 

John became a legend in the Methodist Church: a friend to thousands, he had an opinion about everything, a smile for everyone, a joke for any occasion and achieved the unbelievable – packed congregations with standing room only at most of his church services.  During his ministry in Derby, Coventry, Oxford (John was Chaplain to the Regents at Harris Manchester College), London (where he was Superintendent Minister at Central Hall), Brighton and other places he became involved with local business, charities, hospitals and churches of other denominations. 

His influence was even felt on the airwaves as he encouraged the BBC to broadcast Methodist services on radio and television, as well as taking recordings for a new religious programme.  

During his time in Derby, John became involved with the American Methodist Church and made several visits to Fort Worth, Texas, where he was delighted to be made an honorary Texan and a Freeman of the City of Fort Worth.  He was an unstuffy clergyman who could tell a good story, enjoy a joke and share people’s problems and successes with equal enthusiasm.

John was appointed a Trustee to The Joseph Rank Trust on 7th April 1976 and served the Trust loyally for 33 years.  John gave the Trust his wisdom and insight on Methodism and also contributed enormously to the success of many Christian and church based projects funded by the Trust.

The Address was given by Rev. Dr. Ralph Walker of Harris Manchester College, Oxford and the Service was led by Rev. Cynthia Park.  The Organist was Mr. David Lane.

 ‘Out-soar the first born seraph’s flight, And Sing, with all our friends in light, Thy everlasting love to man’.


Requiescat in pace 

A service of celebration of John's life was held on Sunday 7th February at Methodist Central Hall Westminster. The Rev. Martin Turner, superintentendent minister, bade welcome. The Bishop of Westminster and the Dean of Westminster led the prayers, assisted by the Rev. Dr. Malcolm White and the Rev. Tony Miles.

The Lord Mayor of Westminster read the lesson and The Rev. Paul Hulme (JRT Trustee) gave the address. Mr Colin Rank (Chairman of JRT) gave an appreciation. During the service the Westminster Central Hall Choir sang and a recording was played of an extract of Wings of the Morning, John's last sermon at Methodist Central Hall given on 30th August 2009 (please click here for the full version which lasts for 21 minutes). After the service many friends joined the family for afternoon tea.

Please click here to read his obituary published in The Guardian on 10th January 2010.

27th January 2017
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